Tulsi Power

Ocimum tenuiflorum is commonly known as Holy Basil or Tulsi. It is an aromatic perennial plant. Tulsi is widely used in Ayurveda. It is believed that Tulsi leaves have power to flush out toxins from the body. Altos Tulsi Power is made by the extraction of five types of Tulsi: Tulsi, Ram Tulsi, Kapuri Tulsi, Wan Tulsi and Shavet Tulsi. It has chemical composition of Oleanolic acid, Ursolic acid, Rosmarinic acid, Eugenol, Carvacrol, Linalool & ß-caryophyllene.

Applicable for Asthma, Aches, Pain, Fever

Code Packing MRP
TUL30 30 ml 295


  • It is good in many diseases like cold & cough, Fever, Constipation, Joint Pain, Headache, Ulcer, Weakness etc
  • It helps to make body active.
  • With regular use, it helps to control level of cholesterol in body.
  • It acts as a Blood Purifier.
  • It helps to lower down Stress and Anxiety.
  • It helps in lowering down blood pressure level.
  • It helps to boost immune system.
  • Tulsi has Anti-cancer property.
  • It is used in treatment of Asthma.
  • It is used as mouth freshner in order to remove foul odour.
  • It is also beneficial in growth of kids.
  • It is helpful to keep kidney healthy.
  • It is helpful in protection from Radiation.
  • It is helpful in treating skin problems.

How to Use

  • Take 5 drops of Tulsi power in a glass of Water twice a day or as directed by the physician