CSR Activity

"Altos Helping Hand" is founded by our founder Dr. Ashwani Kumar Gupta for the purpose of CSR activities. The main motive of this foundation is welfare of the society & to serve the needy. Altos Helping Hands provides education to the poor who are unable to afford education fees so that they can build their career in life and become able to fulfil their dreams as well as their family’s desires. Tree Plantation activity is done with the motive to reduce pollution in the environment so that people can breathe in a fresh environment. Blood donation is done for the purpose of saving life as today many people require blood for survival, Altos aims to collect maximum units of blood on our founder’s birthday.

Tree Plantation

Altos has initiated a vigorous green campaign “A step towards Nature” in Baddowal village of Ludhiana, Punjab. As we all know Environment - is getting depleted with each passing day, so we all as citizens of India (Bharat) must take responsibility to protect our Mother Earth. With the support from local communities, Altos organisation has taken an initiative & planted 1000 trees. Altos is sustainably developing the region by planting lush green trees to reduce issues such as Air pollution, Noise & Soil erosion. Moreover, we are planning to promote this project in other states of India as well with the help of our network and hope to make India pollution free soon.

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Educating The Poor

One of the Best Initiative taken up by Altos Enterprises Ltd. has been conducting a Campaign to support education by helping poor children to complete their study & build careers in life. In Ludhiana, there are many schools where Altos distributes education material such as stationeries, books & school bags among children & also sponsors education fee in schools through an association named "Sewa Bharti & Shival Public School"

Saving Lives

Altos is associated with many hospitals in Ludhiana. Altos provides medical expenses for people who are unable to pay for their treatment fee for operations, Surgeries etc. Altos tries it's best to coordinate with the team of Doctors for providing best treatment to needy people. Gupta Hospital & Deepak Hospital is one of them. We hope that our step may help to provide happiness in a few people's lives.

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Blood Donation

Every year Altos organises a Blood donation camp on our founder's birthday. Around thousands of leaders from Altos family help to donate blood for the purpose of serving humanity and saving lives. In a single day, Leaders of Altos organise around 100 camps at different places, where thousands of people donate blood and our target is to collect maximum units of blood in a single day.