Code of Ethics

"Thinking together is a beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success".

1Altos feels pleasure that you make up your mind and agree to become a self-employed and independent Distributor to sell its products to consumers by using its sales and direct marketing system. You are not an employee representative of Altos nor a partnership is created between the parties of this Agreement, therefore you have no authority to bind the company in any contract with other parties. All sales to you shall be on Principle-To-Principle basis.

2You will comply with all central, state, local laws, taxes and licenses etc. applying from time to time as imposed by the government to your /their sales & direct marketing business. You must present the products in truthful and honest manner and make only those claims as per labels of products and can not sell the products for a price exceeding the maximum retail price.

3You are an independent person, have sole authority to make judgments, systems where & how the products to be sell,avail all its earnings applicable as per Altos System and after you, your nominee will be eligible to get all the earnings if he/she continues to work for the company.

4As an independent distributor you can purchase the products at the Distributor price from the company and agree to pay fully all transactions without need of demand for it. In addition, only you will get commission Bonus, Royalty on business value of current month. The company may change its commission Bonus / Royalty system at any time and in anyway as well as its Terms & Conditions set out in Altos System without any notice.

5To purchase products as a Distributor one should send payment by Bank Draft / Pay Order / Money Order payable at Ludhiana or in Cash at Company Regd. Office.

6You/We agree to abide by the said Rules of Business including Amendments therein to be published or noticed to you/us by the Company from time to time.

7This Agreement and Appointment Letter re-enforces and qualities the Terms and Conditions set forth in Altos System is entered into a personal basis and may not be assigned or transferred by the Distributor to a third party without the prior written consent of the Company on some genuine cases.

8Either of us may terminate this Agreement and Appointment Letter at will in case of you / us breaching any stipulation in Altos System / Rules and Regulations without entering into legal proceedings to require, such termination. In case of termination of a distributor, the bv earned from the downline thereafter shall be transferred to the account of the company.

9You agree that Altos may reject this Application for Registration due to any reason at its discretion, including if the Application Form contains incomplete, inaccurate, false or misleading information, any alteration or modification will be subject to verification.

10This Agreement and Undertaking including the distributor Application form should be fully complete and accepted by the applicant(s). In case of sole proprietorship or partnership concerns, Distributor Application Form will be accepted by, the authorized concerned person. After Registration, Company will issue an Altos Distributor Number for the identification. Altos have all rights to reject any application for registration.

11All disputes subject to exclusive Ludhiana Jurisdiction only