Nutroprash Capsule

Nutroprash Capsule contains Amla, Arjuna, Haripatri, Karpoor, Haritaki, Badi Elaichi and pipali. Nutroprash capsules should be taken to maintain strength and powder in life. It is safe and ideal for the body because it contains Vitamin C along with other important vitamins. It is benificial in all type of fever and cough. It makes Body Energetic.

Code Packing MRP
NUTCP30 30 Caps 265


  • Helps to remove the weakness due to chronic & long diseases.
  • Helps to make body energetic.
  • Helps to fulfil the deficiency of nutrients for proper physical growth & development.
  • Helps to thin the mucus & expels it from body.
  • Highly beneficial in asthma.
  • Beneficial in all type of coughs.
  • Helps to increase Appetite.

How to Use

  • Take 1 capsule thrice a day after food or as directed by the physician.

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