Healthy Alvet Cal

Healthy Alvet Cal is a liquid feed Supplement enriched with Shatavari, Sarphunkha, Bhumi Anwla, Aloevera, Silimarine, Neem, carbohydrates, L-Lysine, Vitmain A, Vitmain B12,Vitmain E & Vitmain D3. It is exclusively formulated for Animals, which helps to supply the required amount of Calcium, Phosphorus & Vitamins in the body needed for proper growth, Strong teethes & Bones. This nutrition rich feed supplement helps to improve Fertility in Animals.


  • Helps to increase appetite in animals.
  • Helps in increasing the quantity of milk in animals.
  • Helps to develop the udder of animals.
  • Helps in increasing the milking capacity of animals.
  • Helps to strengthen the bones of animals.
  • Helps to provide strength to animals.

How to Use

  • COWS & BUFFALOES (100ml-150ml Daily)
  • HORSE & CAMEL(100ml-150ml Daily)
  • DOGS, CALVES, GOAT & SHEEP(30ml Daily)

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