Hadjod Capsule

Hadjod capsule contains pure Hadjod. It can be used for improving the strength of the bones. Due to its Sandhaniya property (promoting the union of fractured parts), it helps to heal broken bones & torned Ligaments. HADJOD has been found to be rich in Vitamin C, which helps in maintenance of cartilage & bones. Hadjod has bone healing properties. It is commonly known as Asthi Samhari. It has been used for treatment of Oesteoarthiritis, Oesteoporosis & Rheumatoid Arthiritis.

Code Packing MRP
HADJ01 60 Caps 195



  • Helps to strengthen bones
  • Helps to give relief from pain & swelling associated with fracture
  • Helps to support bone restoration & formation
  • Helps to improve the bone density
  • Helps to restore strength to weak bones

How to Use

  • Take 1 capsule morning & Evening every day after food or as directed by the physician.