Alto care is an effective insecticide/ miticide/ Fungicide that gets rid over 200 species like Aphids, Mites, Scale, Leaf hoppers, white flies, Caterpillars & Mites. Altocare does not harm Bees & Lady Beetles. Alto care can be used to prevent Mildew & Fungal diseases such as Black spot, Scab, Rust, Leaf Spot, Anthracnose & Tip Blight on plants. To kill Fungi, spray Altocare on plants once a week until the fungi clears up, & then spray every two weeks to keep it from coming back.

Code Packing MRP
ALC250 250 ml 480


  • Alto care helps reduce pest growth.
  • Alto Care works effectively as a repellent.
  • Alto Care helps to kill insects and prevents the grasshoppers from eating the plant.
  • Alto care helps in maintaining the fertility of the soil.
  • Alto care helps the plants to reduce the risk of failure.
  • Alto care helps in increasing the yield of the crop.

How to Use

  • Mix 2-3 ml Alto care in 1 litre water & Spray properly.