Mrs & Mr Sumit Kumar Vishwakarma- Altos Leader

- Rourkela, Odisha -

My Story

My name is Sumit Kumar Vishwakarma . Today I would like to share my story of life with you. My life was very dull & boring before doing Altos business. I was running my life by doing job as an electrician. The money in this job was very low as I was not able to survive my household expenses. My family is very big. The responsibility of 11 member's bread was on my shoulders only.I always used to look for small work as an electrician to fulfil stomach of my full family.


Strugle For Starting a Business

My very close friend (Mr. Rajat Kar) called me and discussed about Altos business. He invited me at his house to show wonderful business oportunity. He showed Altos Business plan with full information like marketing plan, products and key system to achieve success in this business. I was very much impresses by Altos Business plan.I realised that little hardwork in this business will lead to a big income in Altos. So, I started my journey in Altos. I started sharing oportunity with my close friends, society members and relatives. My whole family has not supported me at all. At that time, there was lack of money to arrange food daily.There are sometimes in my life that we have to sleep empty stomach due to lack of food and money. At that time I had no car or bike to do Altos Business. I had to show Altos Business plan on bicycle only. I was not able to arrange nice pair of clothes to attend meeting.Due to my hardcore struggle I break up sometimes and feel like crying. But Mr. Rajat Kar has always motivate me for doing business I was dedicated to work hard on my target to achieve high income from Altos. I believe in Not Giving Up Till You Get Success.  I started sharing opputunity with everyone. Whenever I meet someone I start speaking about Altos Business like Railway Staion, Bus Station, Shops, Markets etc everywhere. Many people joined the business but did not start but many people took me seriously and started Altos business. Today they are earning very well for their families and enjoying high status in society.

My Achievements

In February 2013 I achieved diamond level and bought Mahindra verito car. Everyone in my family was proud of me and my achievements. Praises and wishes were coming from everywhere. 
In June, 2018 I bought my Dream car "Mercedes".

My mother had heart problem. The doctor had suggested for operation  as soon as possible which involves cost of many lakh rupees. But we did not have that much money to do it. After doing Altos Business, we have done my mother's operation very well with inclusion of all facilities.

In 2019 I ‘m going to buy Range Rover car.

My Dream in Altos is to become Topmost Leader to fulfil dreams of everyone working in my team.

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Tips for Business

- Keep thinking big to achieve Big!

- Always be with positive people

- Show more and more Altos business plan 

- Show your business plan to 70% unknown people

- Read Motivational Books & Watch Motivational Videos

“No matter how much you suffer
Your target should be towards your goal"

- Mr Sumit Kumar Vishwakarma -