Mrs & Mr Komal Sahu - Altos Leader

-Raipur, Chhattisgarh -

My Story

My name is Komal Sahu & now I am going to tell you about my life before starting Altos Business. Before doing Altos business
I used to do work as s salesman in a clothes shop. My monthly salary was Rs. 5000 only and I could not even able to manage
home expenses. I had 15 members in my family and my dad had died when I was studying in school. There was no other one
in the house to take responsibility except me. Our income was very low in farming also. At that time I did my studies with my job.

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Strugle For Starting a Business

Altos Business Opputunity knocked at my door three times but I ignored. Then Mr. Ghanshyam Sahu &
Mr. Rajat Kar came again to explain whole Altos Business in detail. I understood the whole way about the
business and I thought it was good idea to improve my life. Then I decided I would do this business. I went
to all my recognizable people on this business plan and they ignore me and did not listen me. I also show
them the future vision of the business .But I did not give up and started to show my business plan to new
peoples. At that time I don’t have any car or bike so I can show my business plan to someone. I had a
bicycle that I moved to show business plan. Many peoples understood this business plan and started this
business and today their life is very good and they are enjoying his joyful life. At that time we didn’t have our
own home even we used to be in a rented house. I went out at 6 at morning to show the business plan and
sometime used to do the late night. Business growth wasn’t happening when I started a business. I thought a
new idea and I extended the area of my business andthen my business making growth and today my business
is in all major states of India.

My Achievements

First I built a very good apartment for my family At that time my children were studying at government school and now my children are
reading at the city’s best school. This time is my identity among the best and biggest persons of city. At that time I used to road on bicycles
in the same city and today is the same time I am swirling in Audi Car in the same city and people see me.
“Human beings need Difficulties
Because it is necessary to enjoy the success”
“ Think big is probably the hardest of the world”
“ It is very Important to take risk to achieve



Tips for Business

You must join the Altos Academy Education
- Hard work is the buzzword
- Focus only at Altos business
- Always attend Business Seminar and
- Always read motivational Books and watch
motivational videos
- You should Have a 100% faith in your
Upline and do business with heart
- Always need to promote big volume in

“To be successful in your Life someone should
feel your ideal.
I Considered Mr. Rajat Sir as my ideal and went
on his way to show."

- Mr Komal Sahu -