Mrs & Mr Ghanshyam Sahu - Altos Leader

- Raipur, Chhattisgarh -

My Story

My name is Ghanshyam Sahu. Before starting Altos business I was an employee in State Transport Corporation. It was difficult to manage household expenses in such a low salary. The responsibility of the whole family was on my shoulders.

I had to take loan from many friends and relatives due to lack of money. I had to pay around 22 lakhs to the people which has caused great troubles and stress in my life. I was not able to think about me and my family's future. Neither a relative nor a friend was willing to assist me due to my condition.

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Strugle For Starting a Business

Once Mr.Rajat kar came like a hope of light in my life. He explained about Altos business. I find plan very easy and effective but still due to
tensions and stress I was not able to concentrate on my business.

My experience at the time of starting Altos Business was very difficult. Firstly I went to my relatives and friends. They did not understand.I
got more frustrated but due to continuous guidance of Mr. Rajat Kar I always get motivated. His lifestyle always motivates me. I always get impreesed with Mr. Rajat Kar's great lifestyle. His Bunglow, Luxury Cars and Businessman look inspires me to reach at top level in Altos. 

My Achievements

At that time my age was 57 year old.It seem very challenging to start a business at this age. I decided that I would start business with the full of energy, passion and hard work.

Then Magical Moment came in my life!!

By God's Grace,I achieved my dreams in such a short period of time

Altos business is so easy and effective that if you are committed to do hard work then you will definitely get success in life. Today I have my own big bungalow in raipur city center, Mercedes car for my family and loan free life for myself.

Now we make bright future plans for betterment of our children as well.


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 Tips for Doing Business

  • Concentration on your target
  • Understand the Business Plan & try to present it daily
  • Do meetings as much as you can
  • Read Motivational Books and videos
  • Attend meetings & seminars

“ Every Idea is a Seed

Think Big and Become Successful”