Whitening and Fairness Cream thumb
Whitening and Fairness Cream thumb

Whitening and Fairness Cream

For Whitening and Spotless Skin

Category: Skin Care

Zordan Herbals Whitening and Fairness Cream Contains Almond and Apricot. It Helps To Give Whitening and Spotless Skin.

ALMOND :   It helps to protect your skin from UV radiation damage and helps your skin look smooth and soft.

APRICOT :   It contains high content of essential fatty acids and vitamin A. Its moisturizing properties helps to keep your skin cells hydrated,providing you with a healthier and soft skin.



  • Skin Whitening Fairness Cream Is Perfect For All Skin Types. • Helps To Give You Instant Glow.

  • Helps To Shield Your Skin From Harmful Radiation.

  • It Is A Unique Skin Nourishment That Helps To Reduce Dark Patches.

  • Helps To Give You Spotless Skin.

Wash Your Face With Face Wash

Take Required Quantity and Apply On Face

Gently Massage For A Minutes

Do Not Expose Skin In Sunlight After Applying Cream :