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Rose Water thumb

Rose Water

For Refreshing, Clarifying And Mattifying Your Skin

Category: Skin Care

Skin toner is very useful as well as best make up remover. Natural ingredients present in clear tone help to dissolve the make up. It will tighten the skin while removing the makeup effectively.It moistens the skin and can be used to remove superficial impurities

Rose Petal :  

Tulsi :  

Rose Petal


  • It absorbs easily into your skin to revive and helps to moisturize within; it helps to remove make-up and pollutants from skin.

  • It helps to add a soft, natural glow to your skin

  • It cleanses pores deeply to remove dirt, surface impurities, make-up.

  • It helps to keep the skin moisturized, refresh and soft with even-toned look.

Wash Face With Zordan Face Wash

Take Required Quanity On Cotton Ball

Apply Gently On Face.

Before Applying ,Wash Face With Fairness Face Wash After Toner Apply Moisturizing Gel. :