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Nutroprash Capsule thumb

Nutroprash Capsule

Category: Ayurveda

Herbal Nutroprash Capsule are famous by the name of Mahaushdi. Its main component are Amla and many nutritious and Valuable Herbs. It is universal truth that regular use of Amla by Maharishi Chavan leads to extraordinary strength and youthfulness. Amla contains one special nutrient which is called as succinic and which prevents ageing and maintains exuberance in life. Along with succinic acid, many other herbs in Nutroprash is highly beneficial in repairing ill and weak nerves. Experts believes that Nutroprash capsules should be taken to maintain strength and powder in life. It is safe and ideal for the body because it contains Vitamin Calong with other important vitamins. Herbal Nutroprash capsules, enriched with Amla and other beneficial nutrients, is highly beneficial herbal tonic in many disorders including mental weakness, weak hair, diabetes, stones, weak heart, cold and cough, asthma, physical weakness, urinary disorders etc.

Packing MRP ₹
60 Capsule 235
  • Removes the weakness due to chronic and long diseases. • Fulfils the deficiency of vitamins and makes body energetic. • Fulfils the deficiency of calcium for proper physical growth and development. • Thins the mucus and expels it from body.

  • Highly beneficial in asthma. • Beneficial in all type of coughs. • Gives nutrition to growing males and females and increases hunger. • Enhances body's fighting ability.

  • Corrects mental and physical weakness and tiredness. • Highly beneficial in mental stress due to excessive workload. • Increases memory. • Removes weakness from body.

  • Maintains functioning of body organs. • Removes the deficiency of blood. • Brings peaceful sleep at night. • Healthy tonic for all ages. • Slows down ageing process.

1 capsule in morning and 1 capsule in evening or as recommended by the physician.