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Little B-Big Capsule thumb

Little B-Big Capsule

Category: Ayurveda

and sports and long height is highly beneficial for doing well in modeling. Though all people don't have tall height. To increase height, care should be taken from childhood. The most important role of height in our life is Human Growth Hormone i.e. HGH. H.G.H. is secreted from pituitary gland which leads to increase in our height. Due to lack of protein and proper nutrition, the development of body inhibits or stops and if you wants to develop your body, then consume Little Big-B capsules, a herbal preparation.

Packing MRP ₹
60 Capsule 425
  • Stimulates natural process and enhances body development. • Strengthens bones of the body and assists in increase of height.

  • Usage of Little BIG-B capsules leads to development of amino acids in the body which provides nutrition to pituitary gland and assists in development of the body. • Ayurvedic herbs are used as mixture in Little Big-B capsules which enhances bones of the body. • It decreases excessive fat in the body.

  • Little Big-B enhances the nerve strength • Ayurvedic herbs in Little Big-B increases muscles and helps in production of new muscular tissues which enhances body development. • Enhances development of body strength.

  • It enhances mental strength. • It enhances physical energy. • It gives strength to the body.

For Adults: 1 capsule daily in morning and evening after meal.

For children above 10 years 1 capsule daily in morning and evening after meal or as recommended by the physician.