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Korean Capsule

Category: Ayurveda

Korean capsules is a wonderful, rare and valuable herbal remedy to impart strength and power to life. It imparts new power and strength to vital organs and allows human to do normal physical work. It imparts new life to lifeless nerves. It is highly beneficial in insomnia, stressful mind and to arouse intense desire. It increases the capacity to do sex and corrects low mood and body strength. It removes fatigue after night sex and imparts new power.

Packing MRP ₹
30 Capsule 500
  • Sex related physical and mental weakness. • Easy Fatigue. • Lack of Arousal in Private Parts

  • Easily becoming Fatigue. • Lackof Stimulation in Sexual Organs. • Sex related sadness

  • Premature ejaculation. • Weak sperms. • Semens along with urine or after urine

  • To maintain youthful sex life in old age. • To improve blood circulation in penis

1 capsule in morning and evening with milk or as directed by the physician.

Avoid use in B.P., disorders, renal diseases and heart related problems. :