Jeewan Shakti

Jeewan Shakti

Presenting for whole family, Ayurvedic unique formula Jeevan Shakti Avaleh.

Category: Ayurveda

Todays fast life, changing environment, pollution and wrong diet has lead to decline in body's fighting ability. It has resulted in diseases of many kinds. to enhance body's fighting ability and to keep whole family healthy and active, Jeevan Shakti Avaleh is the best option. It not only prevents cough, cold like minor problems but also prevents diseases. It is valuable mixture of kesar and other important herbs. Jeevan Shakti Avaleh enhances the health of humans of every age and for daily use, It's a unique ayurvedic product.

  • Enhances strength. • Enhances body's fighting ability. • Improves blood circulation.

  • Purifies blood. • Enhances hemoglobin in blood. • Enhances memory, concentration and mental integrity.

  • Maintains strength in old age. • Gives strength to genital organs. • Enhances digestion.

  • Prevents against Leucorrhoea. • Equally beneficial in all ages.

10-15gm. or 1-2 teaspoonful according to age. More beneficial if taken with milk.

Protects against sunlight and moisture and keep in cool place. :