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Headache Relief

Category: Ayurveda

The pain in upper part of head or neck is called as headache. Headache is the main problem out of all types of pain which can have many reasons. Every one suffers from some from of headache at some point of time. The main cause of headache is due to stress related headache. This form of headache leads to pressure, tension, insomnia and anxiety which finally leads to stress in muscles of shoulders, neck, skull, and jaw. If you do a lot of work, sleeps less and doesn't take a healthy meal and is indulged in any kind of addiction, then headache can become a serious trouble for you. Headache can take the form of severe headache. When headache occurs it disturbs concentration and due to this, even easy tasks can not be done properly.

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Lavender, Ecualyptus :  

Peppermint, Camphor :  

Gandhpura, Almond oil :  

Lavender, Ecualyptus

Peppermint, Camphor

Gandhpura, Almond oil

  • From Simple Headache to Severe Form of Headache including Migraine, gives immediate relief. • Eliminates the main source of Nerves stress and less sleep due to headache

  • Relieves the stress of muscles and nerves. • Removes the Headache due to Cold, Fever & Cough.

  • Removes the stress of skin.

  • Gives immediate relief from headache.

Apply ALTOS GOOD FEEL to affected area and wait for 10 minutes for results.

Protect from sunlight and moisture and keep in cool place. :