Handwash Tulsi & Alovera thumb
Handwash Tulsi & Alovera thumb

Handwash Tulsi & Alovera

For Protection Frome Germs & Mosturization

Category: Personal Care

Zordan herbals Tulsi & Aloevera handwash contains Tulsi & Aloevera. It helps to remove excess oil, dirt & bacteria which become the main reason of infection.

Tulsi :   It has anti-septic properties. It helps to prevent infections from bacteria & other diseases.

Aloevera :   It has anti-septic & anti-inflammatory properties that helps to reduce Acne & Dark spots. It helps to provide moisture balance to skin & helps to keep skin hydrated.



  • Take required quantity of handeawsh

  • wet yourhands and gently rule your hands

  • wash with normal water.