Haldipure Capsule thumb
Haldipure Capsule thumb

Haldipure Capsule

Category: Ayurveda

Haldi is an excellent source of both iron & manganese. It is also a source of vitamin B3, dietary fibre & potassium. It purifies & warms the blood.

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60 Capsule 355

Pure Haldi :  

Pure Haldi

  • It is an anti-inflammatory agent. • Used to treat Jaundice & menstrual difficulties. • Also helpful in case of hemorrhage

  • Also improves digestion & metabolism. • Excellent antibiotic & antibacterial actions

  • Helps in the formation of new blood tissues. • Use in treatment of arthritis & liver diseases

  • Applied topically on wounds, cuts, burns to prevent from infections & promote healing

1 capsule Morning & Evening after food or as directed by the physician.

Eat fresh fruits & vegetables :