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Garliplus Capsule thumb

Garliplus Capsule

Category: Ayurveda

Garlic is considered to be a miracle medicine in Ayurveda. Smell or garlic not even good but its extremely good for our health. In addition to increasing the taste of food it also help us to fight with so many diseases. It is made by real garlic so that it cure our skin problem and heart diseases (High or low blood pressure). Its beneficial for heart and breathing problems. It controls the flow of blood in blood.

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60 Capsule 375

Pure Garlic :  

Pure Garlic

  • Garliplus controls the blood flow. • It is an extremely beneficial for heart patients. It has selfied which controls the level of LDL.

  • Cholestrol and prevent attacks and blockages. • Garliplus increases our immunity.

  • It has a allicin in which cure infection in our body. • It beneficial in cold & cough and it helps in lungs stuffiness.

  • Its good for our digestion. • It stop blood collecting and make blood thing and controls blood flow also

Take 1 capsule Morning & afternoon everyday or as directed by the physician.

Store in a cool and dryl place. protect from direct sunlight. :