Facial Kit Papya thumb
Facial Kit Papya thumb

Facial Kit Papya

For Reducing Pigmentation,Dalk Spots

Category: Skin Care

Papaya facial kit helps to reduce Pigmentation, Dark spots, Pimples, Blemishes & marks of skin. It helps to maintain natural balance of the skin. It helps to improve skin tone & helps to give you clear face

Use this product once in a month. Then, take gel & massage with soft hands on face & skin for 3-4 minutes, clean with sponge.

Take cream, and massage on face & neck till the cream get dissolved completely in skin.

After massage with cream, take steam 2-3 minutes.

Then, apply face pack, add 4-5 drops Tulsi power in it. Let the face pack dry completely, then clean it with sponge & wash face with normal water

After facial, avoid direct contact with sunlight :  

Protect your face from dirt & pollution. :  

Use Clean Sponge & Towel Always :