Facial Kit Gold thumb
Facial Kit Gold thumb

Facial Kit Gold

For Revitalize skin

Category: Skin Care

It helps to regenerates new healthy skin cells. it helps to give a gold radiance glow to your skin. It helps to give nourishment to skin. Also, it helps to revitalize the skin by giving instant gold glow effect.

Firstly, take small quantity of scrub on palm & massage gently on face & neck for 5 minutes, then clean with sponge

Then, take gel & massage with soft hands on face & skin for 3-4 minutes, clean with sponge.

Take cream, and massage on face & neck till the cream get dissolved completely in skin.

After massage with cream, take steam 2-3 minut Then, apply face pack, add 4-5 drops Tulsi power in it. Let the face pack dry completely, then clean it with sponge & wash face with normal water Lastly, apply gold skin toner on face.

After facial, avoid direct contact with sunlight :  

Protect your face from dirt & pollution. :  

Whenever go outside, apply sunscreen lotion as per your skin type & always cover your face. :  

Use clean sponge & towel always. :