Face Scrub Aloveera thumb
Face Scrub Aloveera thumb

Face Scrub Aloveera

For Removal of Dead Skin Cells

Category: Skin Care

Zordan Aloevera scrub contains Aloevera & Sandal. It helps to remove oil from skin. It helps to reduce appearance of damaged cells. It helps to remove dead skin cells which clog pores.

ALOEVERA :   It has anti-septic & anti-inflammatory properties that helps to reduce Acne & Dark spots. It helps to provide moisture balance to skin & helps to keep skin hydrated.

SANDAL :   It helps to remove Blemishes & helps to heal dry skin. It helps to enhance skin brightness. It helps to exfoliate skin.



  • Zordan Aloevera Face Scrub is an effective skin cleanser.

  • It gently helps to remove dead skin cells & opens clogged pores, It helps to give new radiant look

  • In combination, these two natural ingredients will clear the way for the skin's own unique renewel process, while helping to protect it form the drying.

  • It helps to prevent & cure pimples. It helps to reduce wrinkles & signs to ageing.

Take small quantity of scrub on palm & gently massage for 5-10 minutes

Then, clean your face with sponge & wash it with normal water. Use it once a week.