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Cleansing Milk thumb

Cleansing Milk

For Clean,Healthy & Radiant Skin

Category: Skin Care

Zordan Herbal Cleansing Milk Contains Cucumber Extract And Alovera Extract .It Helps To Give Clean ,Healthy And Radiant Skin

Cucumber :   It Helps To Revitalize The Skin. It Helps To Reduce Dark Circles & Also Treat Open Pores Of Skin. It Helps To Rejuvenates Skin

ALOEVERA :   It Has Anti-Septic & Anti-Inflammatory Properties That Helps To Reduce Acne & Dark Spots. It Helps To Provide Moisture Balance To Skin & Helps To Keep Skin Hydrated.



  • Cleansing milk helps to give moisture to dry skin & it helps to give you clean, Soft & Supple skin.

  • It is a deep cleanser and make-up removal for the skin & It is a very light bodied and deep-penetrating cleansing formula

  • Its natural ingredients Cucumber and Aloevera helps to clean the skin gently and effectively by removing dirt, oil and make-up.

  • Regular use makes skin refreshingly clean, healthy and radiant.

Wash Your Face With

Massage Gently For 3-4 Mintues

Then Apply Gently On Face And Other Parts

Wash Face With Face Wash Before Applying Cleansing Milk :  

Use Cotton Boll :