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Smoking Cigarette, Chewing Tobacco are the main reasons for death and diseases. It causes more deaths compared to death due to drugs, vehicle accident, aids, alcohol consumption, fire burn, suicide etc. It leads to damage of every part of our body. Every year in whole world, 5 lakh people dies due to cigarette and tobacco, In clear words, people smoking cigarette or chewing tobacco is putting himself close to death by his own hands. Some of the diseases which happens due to tobacco chewing and smoking cigarette are heart diseases, mouth or throat cancer, ulcer, cancer, lungs diseases, cervical cancer etc. Smoking cigarette and chewing tobacco are such habits which are very difficult to get rid of it. it affects our breathing process. The amount oxygen we take decreases with every breath. If you won’t leave smoking cigarette or chewing tobacco, then it will lead to non availability of oxygen to lungs and will lead to further problems.

Adrak, Yastimadhu, Dalchini :  

Tulsi, Jaiphal, Vacha :  

Ela & Satpudina :  

Adrak, Yastimadhu, Dalchini

Tulsi, Jaiphal, Vacha

Ela & Satpudina

  • It is not a substitute for nicotine and completely herbal. • It is non habitual. • Easy & Relaxing mode.

  • you can use it easily while walking, driving working. • It is alcohol free, and free of any side effects. • There is no need of any physician advice for its use.

  • Easily fits in purse and pocket. • It can also be used as mouth freshner. • After quitting smoking, you get many benefits that it maintains blood circulation, body temperatures, reduces the level of carbon mono oxide and increases the level of oxygen.

  • Reduces the chances of heart attack. • Opens the nerves and improve the senses of smell and taste. • Smoothens airflow and improves the capacity of the lungs by 30%.

: Whenever you feel like smoking cigarette or chewing tobacco, then use Smokill Anti Smoker Spray in mouth. Shake well before use.