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Category: Ayurveda

Oregel Aloevera Juice contains natural and pure aloe vera gel which is considered in whole world as a magical remedy for different diseases of the body. Our ancestors had used aloe vera in primary medication due to its amazing features. Aloe vera barbadensis in ancient books has been described as a plant with cutting edges and wide green leaves. In light green colour, aloevera gel is present with a special fragrance and bit bitter taste. To improve aloe vera gel taste, your can mix it with another fruit juices and its mixing does not decreases its benefits. Oregel contains not only natural and prue aloe vera gel but also another valuable and natural nutrients including amino acids, vitamins etc. Therefore it produces its effects naturally for every member of family by healing the disease affected area of the body.

Packing MRP ₹
500ml 525
  • Aloevera in OREGEL exerts antiseptic, anti allergic, anti viral, anti toxic, anti inflammatory, antioxidant properties.

  • . It is highly beneficial in healing physical, mental and external body diseases.

  • It removes physical and mental weakness and keeps body fit and healthy.

  • . Aloevera gel is highly beneficial in following diseases:

Adults-20ml. daily in morning, evening and night.

Children aged more than 5 years: 5ml. daily in morning, evening and night before sleep or as recommended by the physician.

Do not use oregel in diarrhoea, pregnancy Special Information:

Keep oregel in fridge after lid opening Shake well before use Do not consume anything for 1 hour before and after oregel consumption Consume within 30 days after opening the lid