Rajat Kar-Altos brand ambassador

I feel like on ninth cloud in the world. I am taking so much love and blessing from the people. I am proud to fulfil dream of
thousand of achievers.  An Exclusive Interview with Mr. Rajat Kar 

Question: What do you do before Altos? 
I was facing struggle in my life.My house and motor bike was on rent. It was difficult to pay an EMI of total RS 6000 per month. 
Question: What challenges you faced in starting Altos business?
Answer: I faced many problems in starting Altos business.
Growth with Ideas

Knowledge of unity
True value of time
Dedication to do work.

Question: What are the tips to grow business in Altos? 
Hard work
Home meeting
Following system of Altos achiever academy
Follow upline

Question: What is your mission in life? 
I want to make INDIA - A Healthy and Wealthy country.
My dream is to get income of RS 1 crore in a single month by Altos.
Following system of Altos achiever academy
I would like to take 10,000 team members to the cheque of RS 10 lakh per month

Question: What have you Achieved from Altos , so far? 
2 luxury car
2 Bunglows
Big Bank Balance
Morever respect from every corner

Question: Whom you would like to thanks for your achievements? 
I would like to thank my family for their support. My special thanks to Mr.A.K Gupta & Abhishek Gupta for their guidelines to get success in life.
Morever my special regards and love to my team mates and Altos management who supported me at every step.

Rajat Kar